Claw Bottle Opener

Pop open a cold one with this cute claw bottle opener. It will look great sitting on the table at your next steamed crabs feast, or being passed around at a lobster or crawfish boil.
Designed to look like a lobster claw, or like the claw of a stone or dungeness crab, it is a fun way to crack open a brew or jar. Even if you’re used to Blue Crabs (yes, we know the claws look different), you can still enjoy the theme of this opener.
This would make a great, funny gift for the seafood lover with a sense of humor. It’s whimsical, yet practical!

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  • FUN TO USE: It’s just fun to open a beer with a lobster claw. Try it!
  • BRIGHT AND STYLISH: You’ve been around steamed crabs and lobster enough to know that they aren’t dark red, but a beautiful, mouth-watering orange. You can almost taste the Old Bay when you pick up this opener.
  • KEYCHAIN: Bring it with you wherever you go! Your friends will thank you when they’re thirsty, and you pull this beauty out of your pocket or purse!
  • SEAFOOD: These would be great at a seafood restaurant, or the next time you have friends over to feast on shellfish.